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Our database development


The development projects which we realize mainly with Microsoft Access or Windev respond to specific needs. They are designed based on the request of our customers.

Windev is a 4th generation development tools which allows us to realize small programs within maximum 8 in 16 weeks. All our developments work is defined on the basis of very precise specifications.

At the end of the development work, our projects become the property of the customer.

Here are some examples :




KOT-IMMO is an application developed for a real estate company for the  management of rooms for students.


it allows the identificataion and listing of all the expenses and payments related to the management of any student's room  such as the rent, consumer expenses, cleaning expenses , .... .


The daily encoded data allows the production of a clear and detailed monthly invoice. In the same way a bank statement is established for the attention of the various owners.


The statement so produced also allows the real estate agent to charge his management commissions with a lot of precision.






This application has been designed for a service company specialized in human resources mainly in the CAD (computer aided design) sector.


This company recruits the required skills and rents their competences  to companies needing this skill temporarely in their own departments.


The program designed by NUMERICS manages employment contracts and monthly timesheets completed by this temporary staff. The result of this processing is submitted to the social insurance fund and to the paying authority on a monthly basis.






This is a program designed for a Belgian distributor of high-end leather goods.


It allows the processing of data from sales and injects the results into a central database. The manipulation of the data can produce sales results by point of sale, by item family, by period.


It provides the manager of this business with an array of clear and specific activities of its outlets.





This program is dedicated to fundamental education. It compiles the daily expenses of every child within his class such as the fees for the swimming pool, magazines, daily nurseries, travel, equipment.


At the end of the month, the expenses list is returned to the parents as an invoice.


The data so compiled in a database allow the director of the school to manage the small running costs without handling money.


In this way, the director has a clear, precise and immediate dashboard of all the expenses in his school : child by child, family by family, classroom by classroom.  He knows the real costs inherent to the education in his school..




Infopoids is a program designed for a company that acquires metals of all kinds in order to recycle, repackage and resell them in the field of metallurgy.

The software records the purchases of materials per person and per type of ferrous materials by producing a voucher and daily statistics, weekly or monthly.



NUMERICS is an approved and official partner of  :

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